Kriss DMK .22LR rifle - $1,799.00 incl. * IN STOCK

Rifle includes Kriss branded carry case, pop-up sights, 2 x 10rd magazines, 1 x pic rail, manual and lock.

Limited edition Dark Green Camo rifles (these include a factory $U.S 200 cerakote camo paint job and are no longer available from the factory).  

** Just a few left - we also supply other  select retailers ** Check out Reloaders, GunsNZ, Ammo Direct and Delta Mike. 

Kriss Vector .22LR rifle 

Duotone model.

$2,200.00 incl. (pre-order)

The KRISS Vector 22 CRB Duotone is a dedicated, semi-automatic, rimfire sporting rifle that incorporates the iconic aesthetics and ergonomics of the KRISS Vector carbine design, with the square shroud and ambidextrous folding stock.

The Vector 22 is a one of a kind firearm engineered to fire the .22LR cartridge, and designed for rimfire competition, training, and small game hunting. The Vector 22 offers precision, performance, and value in an iconic design.


Kriss vector sbr Enhanced-9mm, 45acp, 10mm - Previous imported c-cat item.

Custom Kriss Vector .22LR with fake mag extensions made by a Kiwi company VTP


KRISS Vector MK3 modular rail/black - $295.00 incl.

KRISS Vector .22LR magazine 10rd - $60.00 incl.

KRISS Vector charging handle kit - $250.00 incl. 

KRISS DMK complete bolt carrier groups - $295.00 incl.

KRISS DMK spare 16.5" barrels - $245.00 incl.

KRISS fore-ends (Black, FDE, ODG) - $235.00 incl.

KRISS DMK pic. rail - 5 slot - $50.00 incl.

KRISS DMK 10rd mags - $75.00 incl.

KRISS DMK spare firing pins - $40.00 incl.

KRISS spare front & rear sights (together) - $150.00 incl.

Kriss DMK bolt release - $35.00 incl.

Kriss DMK extractor - $30.00 incl.

KRISS DMK pistol grip - $30.00 incl.

KRISS buttstock (Black, FDE, ODG, Alpine) - $100.00 incl. 

KRISS DMK .22LR mitigator 1/2 x 28 -$70.00 incl.