Woox Outdoors

Woox Exactus chassis - midnight grey.

WOOX Exactus chassis - Sold out/ Pre order $995.00 incl. 

Knife - Rock 62X - $265 incl. In stock. 

Throwing Axe - Sold out 

Axe - Ax Forte - $285 incl. Sold out.  

Woox furiosa chassis - Midnight grey.

Furiosa chassis, in Midnight Grey (has skeleton buttstock)

 Sold out / Pre order - $1995 incl. 

Furiosa is simply one of the best-crafted precision shooting chassis in the entire world. This high tech hybrid chassis combines wood sections over a super rigid aluminum sub-chassis, giving it the “feel” of a wood stock with the strength and rigidity of a metal stock. The WOOX Furiosa’s rear stock features an adjustable cheek rest, adjustable LOP and integrated flush cups.