Alexander Arms

Alexander arms .17hmr

Our .17 HMR rifle features:

– 18″ Fluted Barrel
– Threaded 1/2-28RH
– 1:10 Twist
– A2 Flash Hider
– Standard Charging Handle (we can upgrade with ambi Daniel Defense as an extra)
– TCE Alexander Arms® Hand Guard
– Standard Trigger
– B5 Systems SOPMOD BRAVO Collapsible Stock
– Blowback Operating System
– Black Anodized Finish
– Two x 10-round magazine.
– Weight of rifle is 7.5 pounds.

Now only available in black - In stock - $3,975.00 incl. 

Alexander Arms .17HMR Rifles are not designed to be used with CCI A17 .17HMR Ammunitions…..Use of CCI A17 .17 HMR ammunition will void the warranty.

The Alexander Arms ,17 HMR Rifle is optimized specifically to function properly with standard production .17HMR ammunition, with bullet weights no greater than .17gr. only.
Loads Specifically recommended are:
Hornady Varmint Express V-MAX 17gr.      MUZ VEL 2,550 FPS
CCI FMJ V-MAX 17gr. Polymer tipped         MUZ VEL 2,550 FPS
CCI TNT-JHP 17 gr.                                       MUZ VEL 2,550 FPS
Winchester Varmint HV V-MAX 17gr.         MUZ VEL 2,550 FPS
Federal Premium V-MAX 17gr.                MUZ VEL 2,550 FPS
Remington V-Max 17gr.                              MUZ VEL 2,550 FPS
Loads Specifically not recommended are:
CCI A17 Varmint Tip 17gr.                           MUZ VEL 2,650 FPS
CCI VNT Very Thin Jacket Polymer Tip        MUZ VEL 2,650 FPS
Any .17HMR ammunition with bullet weights greater than 17gr. bullets