Fims SPBP .308 

FIMS SPBP .308Win - $5,900.00 incl.

FIMS Firearms SPBP .308Win straight-pull rifle with 3 x 10rd SR magazines, cased and manual.   

Rifle features a match chamber Criterion 20" barrel, an overall length of 32.5” and overall weight of 7.5 lbs. These have the same dimensions as the Steyr Aug, but in the more efficient .308 caliber. 

They are a perfectly balanced, lightweight, precision rifle with unearthly handling characteristics. The action is a spring assisted straight pull which can be cycled with either hand, and without removing a hand from the rifle if your offhand is used.

While conventional bolt action rifles need 6 fine motor functions to cycle the action, the FIMS SPBP 308 only needs 2.

While most bullpup style rifles suffer from a muted trigger feel, the FIMS SPBP has an extraordinarily crisp, adjustable trigger that is free of complex linkages.

The FIMS SPBP trigger pulls straight back, much like a 1911. The barrel is cryogenically fit to the upper receiver guaranteeing the best possible barrel-to-receiver fitment, crucial to accuracy. Featuring a full length picatinny rail and MLok slotted handguard, you can attach whatever accessory you want without interfering with the barrel.

Feedback from our first shipment has been excellent. We are the sole N.Z distributor for FIMS USA.

** 1 December 2023 - Only 1 left in .308. 

We also have a 6.5CM version (one only) it has a 22" stainless match Criterion barrel. For sale $5,900.00 incl. 

Both rifles include a parts upper with BCG. Its barrel cannot be removed.